123Telecom developed their first generation of dual broadband services almost 10 years ago.

Since then, Internet speeds have increased dramatically and everyone takes a working Internet connection for granted.

Office managers do not normally plan for Internet resilience until they have had a significant Internet outage, nor do they consider the true business cost and knock on effects when the Internet is down.

Now the good news.

123Telecom offer the utopia of dual Broadband resilience at no extra premium. You simply pay for two services.

We believe our Internet resilience service, with no extra cost, is totally unique.

Please give us a call to discuss how resilience works and the benefits it brings.

  • Multiple Broadband Connections working together
  • Dedicated Voice broadband
  • Dedicated Data broadband
  • Both Voice and Data are protected against single broadband failure
  • Both broadband services managed with 123Telecom SmartRouters
  • Each SmartRouter watches both services
  • Each SmartRouter offers smart DHCP services
  • Either SmartRouter takes Voice & Data for resilience in an emergency
  • Fully automated switchover when our resilience technology is needed