Whilst cost reduction is the primary motivator to change telephone provider, 123Telecom believe the quality of care, professionalism and expertise is far more important.

123Telecom have been supplying wholesale Openreach line rental since the early days of deregulation over 15 year ago.

Whilst we offer very significant wholesale discounts to all our customers, we only supply genuine Openreach lines with business care levels. Furthermore, we guarantee that our customer care is the best in the industry.

We will always go that extra mile and we answer 95% of calls within 45 seconds. We are not a call centre – you do not get offered multi-choice menus and we do not place your call in a queue.

Simply talk to us to experience our core business ethos and our willingness to help with a price that is lower than your current provider.

  • 123Telecom offers Openreach line rental with added value
  • Discounted prices – Always cheaper than BT and many other providers
  • Superior help and technical support
  • Personal service – we do not have a call centre.
  • All care levels available, including level-4 (6 hour target fix)
  • Very competitive call rates for UK and worldwide
  • Same day broadband activation available on new lines
  • Clear and simple billing itemising all calls and service options
  • Seamless switchover from your current provider with no transfer charges
  • All line types: Analogue, Multi-Line, ISDN2, ISDN30
  • New lines installed with optional number selection service