All UK telephone exchanges are being phased out from 2025.

The timetable for the withdrawal of all Analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines commences in 2020.

Whilst trade suppliers such as 123Telecom have been kept in the loop by Openreach since 2015, the first legal announcement is expected in December 2020. This will be a 5 year product "End-Of-Life" notice for all Analogue and ISDN services.

The long term objective of Openreach is the provision of hyperfast FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) for every home and business in the UK. FTTP is available now, but only in around 7% premises. Optimists estimate 100% FTTP coverage will not be completed before 2033.

In order to bridge this gap, a new product called SoTAP will be launched in September 2021. This will run over copper, but will only support Internet access. SoTAP will also become the replacement for current ADSL and FTTC broadband services and is similar to the current G.FAST service already available from 123Telecom in some areas.

All Analogue users in areas where FTTP is not yet available will be converted to SoTAP before their local exchange is decommissioned.

Whilst exchanges will not be switched off before 2025, businesses should be considering their phone system upgrade/replacement now.

The technical content provided here should reassure you that 123Telecom are very knowledgeable on the future of the UK telecoms network. We are a trusted supplier, now in our 22nd year. We are ready to help your business through the next five years and beyond.

We are not alone. France, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand are also migrating to an All IP network, and many other countries will follow.

The new All IP telephone network means that your company must make calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet) telephony.

When VoIP is done by 123Telecom, the quality of your calls will be better than your current solution.

However, if VoIP is not done correctly, the quality of your calls can be horrific.

It is painful when you speak to someone who has been badly advised and sold a solution which is second rate.

Don’t leave the replacement of your Phone System to the last minute.

Don’t fall victim to a high-pressure salesman.

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