123Telecom offer all the elements of telecommunication you will need when you move office: Voice, Networks & Internet.

There are so many things to sort out when you move office, so why not use our telecommunications expertise for free.

All we ask is to be your new provider of services at the new location.

We do not charge for helping or planning, except in very large projects requiring site visits or professionally drafted plans.

Simply task us with your problem and we will report back with a proposal.

Our ideal project targets: Reduce ongoing costs. Modernise your desk telephones. Speed up your Internet access. Increase resilience of your Voice & Data services. Minimise downtime of services during relocation.

Tell us your plans and we will help you relocate smoothly.

  • 123Telecom will plan your Voice & Data relocation
  • We will propose a total solution
  • We will give you the option of Fibre Broadband and/or Leased Lines
  • You can optionally add resilience with multiple broadbands
  • We discount all new line installations
  • We can provide new lines with broadband live on the same day
  • We supply auxiliary equipment such as routers and network switches
  • We can quote for onsite services such as cat-5 network cabling if required
  • We will transfer your existing numbers, even if you move out of area
  • We will hold your hand every step of the way and give you best advice
  • We do not charge for helping you relocate. We simply would like to be your new provider
At 123Telecom, we often get asked to supply fully working phone systems with less than 24 hours notice. Whilst it's not the best planning, we will try to help you with short notice deliveries if we can!

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