123Telecom are an independent and privately owned telecommunications provider registered with Ofcom to provide communications services.

The fundamental difference that sets 123Telecom aside from all other service providers is the inherent culture and DNA of our team. Companies are about people and relationship; not just products and services.

In any sector, a company can have the best products or a great value proposition. However, it’s the company Culture and DNA that makes the customer experience: Values; Ethics; Loyalty; Care; Effort; Diligence and most importantly, a desire to please and get it right first time.

From the top down, we are committed to excellence and care. This isn’t something new. This is the basic principle I founded the company on 25 years ago. There is no place in our culture for one sided contracts. There is no place for apathy. There is no place for standing still.

The 5 years will see the UK telecommunications industry go through a massive transformation in readiness for an “All IP” telephone network by December 2025. Openreach will shortly be announcing "End Of Life" for ALL Analogue and ISDN Telephone lines in all areas of the UK.

All traditional Internet services that use Analogue lines (ADSL and FTTC Fibre) are being replaced by new “All IP” lines called FTTP and SoGEA.

It's going to be a confusing and worrying time for many businesses.

You will need help from a professional supplier on this journey.

You will not find a better partner to serve your business over the coming decade.

Eric Toll. MD, 123Telecom Limited


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