Customers with more than one location or staff on the move, need to securely integrate their Voice and Data technologies.

As the IT revolution continues, the need to integrate multiple locations including Head Office / Branch Offices / International Offices / Shops / Warehouses / Factories / Homeworkers into a single secure business network continues to grow.

There are two very different technologies which facilitate easy multi-site integration: Cloud and VPN.

Cloud is the generic term for locating centralised storage and/or processing in a data centre. Authorised users with Internet access connect to the Cloud Servers to become part of the team working together with the Cloud facilities.

The most common examples of Cloud Services include: Cloud Telephony (Your modern office phone system); Cloud eMail (allowing email access from your mobile devices); CRM (Your company wide contact database); Document Storage (For sharing files including word processing documents and spreadsheets); Workflow/Collaboration (E.g. Slack and Microsoft Team).

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It means linking together multiple locations so that the IT resources at one location can seamlessly be used by another location. This most commonly includes File Servers/Storage Servers and printers.

Whilst it is possible to link sites with “Software VPN” configuration – this is generally less resilient and creates management issues. “Hardware VPN” solutions use the Internet Router, Firewall or high-performance VPN servers to establish and secure the links, independent of any specific PC or device using the VPN.

How can 123Telecom Help?

  • 123Telecom Cloud Telephony will extend your Office telephone system to all your locations and/or mobile workers
  • 123Telecom SmartRouters will securely link 2-20 sites or homeworkers
  • 123Telecom VPN-Servers can securely link hundreds or thousands of remote workers, centrally managed by 123Telecom as an SD-WAN network.
  • Managed Wi-Fi allows us to centrally control and monitor access to your Wi-Fi at all of your locations