NGPBX. Cloud Telephony that Raises The Bar

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony delivers a flexible and scalable telephone system simply by plugging handsets into your computer network. We have already invested in the system itself, so you simply buy or rent the handsets with a modest charge to use the service and cover the cost of the calls you make.

Cloud Telephony has been widely user for around 10 years, but NGPBX Next Generation Cloud Telephony is new for 2022. It has all the features of traditional Cloud Telephony systems, with a number of enhanced service differentials.

Here are some of the new benefits and features of NGPBX

  • "Calls" and "Extensions" pricing model to slash monthly costs
  • Standard or Premium Extension Licences to meet your exact needs
  • Multi-Company Option with Outbound CLI Selection
  • Advanced Analytics and Wall Boards for any business or Call Centre
  • Free Softphone Licences for Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Free 5 Years Call Recording with Premium Licence
  • Optional PCI DSS / MiFID Call Recording Compliance with 7 Year storage
  • Native Mobile Phone Support (No App required)
  • Native Mobiles can Transfer, Conference, Record and have Analytics
  • Native Mobiles roam across multiple UK networks: Vodaphone,O2 & EE
  • Native Mobiles can have a new or existing 01, 02 or 07 number
  • Optional TRANSCRIBE of speech to text with Text Search of Voice Recordings
  • Transcribe includes SENTIMENT analysis for PCI Breaches, Company Keywords, Expletives, Agent tone and Caller tone
  • Recording Supervisor Audit Queue for recordings flagged by Sentiment
The traditional Cloud Telephony pricing model

Traditionally, Cloud Telephony allows every extension to be used simultaneously. Whilst this is a powerful solution, the recurring service costs can escalate if you have large numbers of extensions. For example, a school, college or hotel may need hundreds of extensions, but will never be using more than a few of them at any given instant.

The NGPBX pricing model solves this problem

The new NGPBX model allows you to significantly reduce costs by having more "Extensions" than "Calls". Furthermore, the model works for EVERY size company because when you add the cost of "One Extension" and "One Call" - it is identical to our Traditional Cloud Telephony service to ensure NGPBX pricing is win-win for every size of business.

Over 70 features as standard, including:

  • Flexible Extension Numbering
  • Direct Dial Numbers (DDI’s)
  • Internal & External Call Transfer
  • Announced and Blind Call Transfer
  • Diverts: Always, Busy, No Answer
  • Flexible Ring Groups & Call Pick-Up
  • Voice Mail (with optional message forward to email)
  • Music On Hold (can be customised)
  • Personal & Group Address Books
  • Conferencing Calls
  • Call Hold. Make 2nd Call. Then Transfer or Conference
  • Single-Site or Multi-Site or International Sites
  • UK Numbers Available from Any Exchange Area
  • International Telephone Numbers from 70 Countries

Optional features include:

  • Click-to-dial from your PC
  • Advanced Call Queuing Options
  • Native Mobiles with Call Transfer, Conferencing, Recording and Call Analytics
  • Native Mobiles SIMs roam multiple UK Networks (Voda/O2/EE)
  • Video calling from your deskphone or smartphone
  • Video conferencing rooms with invites for others
  • CRM integration with over 50 products
  • Intelligent Call Recording from 50 days to FOREVER
  • Speech-to-Text transcribing and search of Call Recordings
  • Call Recording transcribed Trigger Words and Supervisor Check/Release Queue
  • Business Call Statistics
  • Call Centre Statistics and Wall Boards