There is a whole industry for utility cost reduction in the UK, fuelled by commissions, referral fees and savings bonuses.

At 123Telecom, we simply would like you to be our next customer.

We will provide the best cost comparison possible with the information you provide us, with the flexibility to bespoke your rates based on services provided, destinations dialled and contract duration.

In short, we will offer the best possible price to make choosing 123Telecom your preferred business decision.

We do not offer gimmick discounts for a short period to fudge our figures.

We are professionals who would like your business for the long term, whilst offering you the best telecommunications service you will find anywhere.

Please give us a call or send us your bills.

We will talk through your needs, analyse the data and then send you a quote and/or comparison report. We will then await your decision.

  • No obligation cost comparisons with your current provider
  • Lines, Calls, Broadband, Leased Lines & Inbound Services
  • Telephone Systems, Cloud, VoIP, Maintenance, & Support
  • We will give a fair and true analysis of you current bills
  • We are cheaper for 95% of bills we analyse
  • We can create a bespoke contract duration to fit your business plans
  • Our contracts can permit an office move mid-contract at no extra cost
  • We offer interest free amortisation to spread the cost of Cloud Telephony handsets
  • We offer very competitive call rates for UK and worldwide
  • We can offer bespoke rates on those destinations you call the most
  • We can analyse electronic bills, paper bills and BT OneBill
  • We can convert your printed itemisation into an Excel spreadsheet
  • We may be able to assist with early termination of your current contract