123Telecom Service Status

Hosted Cloud Telephony Platform


01/11/2017 12:18         We believe that all call quality issues are resolved. Please disconnect and reconnect your handset if you continue to have any further problems. If you have any issues after a handset reset, then please let us know.


01/11/2017 11:00         Exchange engineers have advised of a major equipment power outage at one of the data centres involved in the flow of speech to/from our Cloud Telephony Platform.

Whilst the Cloud Telephony platform itself continues to run at our stand-by data centre, engineers are working to restore full capacity to resolve the speech quality issue.

Whilst we have not been given a guaranteed repair time from the exchange engineers, we would hope the matter will be resolved within the next couple of hours.

We apologise for the service quality issue.



01/11/2017 09:32            We have been made aware of an issue this morning with incoming and outgoing call quality. This is being treated as a matter of priority and is currently being investigated by engineering teams.

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