123Telecom Service Status

Hosted Cloud Telephony Platform

08/08-2018 16:25

All issues are now resolved, thank you for your patience during this time.  A summary of the two main points are as follows:

Issue 1 – 10:29am – 10:40am (Intermittent call and registration loss)

During this time some customers would have experienced intermittent call loss and registration loss.

There was a wider network issue within our MK datacentre which caused severe packet loss between the MK and London datacentre, resulting in our SBC’s acting independently of each other as opposed to being in a single cluster and in synchronisation.  As a result some registrations and call traffic were lost.  Once the datacentre network symptoms resided, we experienced 0% packet loss and service returned to BAU.  As a precautionary measure we re-routed PSTN traffic to the London data centre.

We await confirmation from the Datacentre provider that the issue will not re-occur and an RFO (Reason For Outage).  We expect this within the next 4 working days.

Issue 2 – 12:45 – 14:00 (Intermittent failure of PSTN calls)

The issue was resolved at 14:00 and has since been stable.  We are still working with the SBC vendor to ascertain the root cause and will provide an RFO within 4 working days.


08/08-2018 14:01

The issue with intermittent outbound calls unable to connect is still active and our engineers are working on a full resolution as soon as possible.  If you do experience outbound call issues do try the call agian and it will eventually connect. Inbound calls are unaffected.


08/08-2018 10:39

We have been made aware of a issue impacting a small number of customers with regard to phones deregistering and outbound calls failing.   All affected handsets should reroute to the secondary servers after a couple of minutes.  This issue is being investigated and an update provided as soon as possible.

Go-Integrator Service

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