ISDN is being phased out.
Is your business affected?
If so, how will you replace it?

The timetable for the withdrawal of all ISDN lines commences in 2020, along with the withdrawal of Analogue lines as well.

Whilst ISDN exchanges will not be switched off before 2025, businesses should be planning their migration strategy now.

The next five years will be melting pot of truth, confusion, rumour and mis-information.

Furthermore, there will be a rise in people looking to exploit this period of confusion for their own personal gain at your expense.

123Telecom is professional and trusted supplier of telecommunications, now in our 20th year. We are here to ethically help your business move to the new All IP infrastructure.

We are not alone. France, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand are also migrating to an All IP network, and many other countries will follow.

The new All IP telephone network means that your company must make calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet) telephony.

When VoIP is done by 123Telecom, the quality of your calls will be better than your current solution.

However, if VoIP is not done correctly, the quality of your calls can be horrific.

It is painful when you speak to someone who has been badly advised and sold a solution which is second rate.

Don’t leave the replacement of ISDN to the last minute.

Don’t fall victim to a high-pressure salesman.

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